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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Motorola S9 Volume Control Issue Solved!

My Motorola S9 headset failed during a recent workout. My symptoms were: low volume, unresponsive buttons. since it was well over the warranty period, in frustration I decided to peel the black + - phone rubber button off of the unit (I figured why not, the thing is basically useless as it is). I then noticed that there is a little screw that connects the ear-bud housing to the head set that appeared to be corroded. I took out an exacto and started scraping the screw and noticed the base of the screw appeared have corrosion or something that extended to one of the wires. I scraped some of this substance and immediately the volume went to full (I had started a tune in advance - I suppose I could have shorted the whole unit, but I was taking a chance on that like I said). I cleared away the corrosion, tested the unit, then covered the screw and the cavity with super glue (I'm not sure if that is a smart move or not). As I type I am once again listening to my wireless bluetooth headset once again!

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